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Punto y Raya and CeTA join forces once again to coproduce a new PyR Festival, on this occasion, in its JUNIOR format.
Based in Barcelona, MAD is a non-profit association devoted to cultural engineering through the development of projects involving Art, Science and Technology.
Based in Wroclaw, CeTA (Audiovisual Technology Center) is an innovative cultural facility working in the field of new visual technologies, primarily for use in cinematography.


This extension of Punto y Raya Festival follows the same spirit and features the same activities as the “senior” editions of the world benchmark for Abstract Art in Motion. The difference is that the contents are MADE BY CHILDREN aged under 13 years old.

The second PyR Junior edition will take place October 4 - 6th 2019, hosted and coproduced by CeTA (Audiovisual Technology Center) in Wroclaw, Poland. The Call for Abstract Short Films is currently open, with online and free submissions. The deadline is August 5th.

Other activities include live audiovisual concerts & performances -also produced by children-, workshops exploring various artistic, scientitic & technological disciplines, interactive installations, and guest screenings.

Punto y Raya Junior 2019

CeTA  Centrum Technologii Audiowizualnych
 Wystawowa 1 51-618
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CeTA (Audiovisual Technology Center), is an innovative cultural facility working in the field of new visual technologies, primarily for use in cinematography. Heir of the exquisite legacy of the Wrocław Feature Film Studio (1954-2011), it houses sound stages, chemical labs, scenography workshops, actors’ dressing-rooms, props and costumes. Around 500 films were made in the Wrocław studio, many of which took a permanent place in the history of Polish cinema. 

Cybulski Studio A
Cybulski Studio A
With 250 seats (accommodating +350 standing spectators), here we'll be hosting our Official, Parallel & Guest Screenings, as well as the live PyRformances.
Sala Kinowa
Sala Kinowa
This gorgeous screening room will be the home to our JUNIOR Academy Programme and other special screenings.
This room has a special place in history: here, eminent Polish directors like Wojciech Jerzy Has, Stanisław Lenartowicz and Sylwester Chęciński sat to watch the first versions of their films.
Has Studio B
Has Studio B
This top-notch film studio, equipped with a 330 sq m greenbox studio, bluebox studio with system motion control, a sound studio, computer labs and much more, will accommodate JUNIOR installations.
Ana Santos
Ana Santos   Direction & Production

BA in Graphic Design and Photography. She works as a freelance art director and web designer.

Founder member of MAD.

Nöel Palazzo
Nöel Palazzo   Direction & Production

Screenwriter and researcher. She occasionally delves into making experimental videos and animations, and lectures and writes essays as a film critic. A couple of her short films have been awarded internationally.

Since 2008 she's been a member of the iotaCenter's Advisory Council (Los Angeles, CA) and coordinator of the Spanish speaking community at the Visual Music Village.

She acts as a juror for various international film & animation festivals, and curates special programmes of avantgarde animation.

Monika Łuszpak-Skiba
Monika Łuszpak-Skiba   Head of Production & PR

With a background in Fine Arts, Monika has a BA in Cultural Studies from the University of Wroclaw, Poland.

She worked in project development, cultural management, and marketing for various multinational companies. Since 2016, Monika is the project coordinator of the educational department at CeTA (Audiovisual Technology Center) in Wroclaw, organising courses and workshops, and implementing training programmes for professionals in new media and the film industry. She occasionally lectures and contributes papers on various art subjects.

Arleta Staszak
Arleta Staszak   Local Communication

Arleta holds a master's degree in Journalism and Social Communication from the University of Wrocław.

She worked as a senior account executive at Ego Public Relations from 2009-2013, and collaborated in various festivals such as Wro Biennale and New Horizons.

Since 2014 she is the PR and Marketing Specialist at CeTA (Center for Audiovisual Technology) in Wroclaw, where she handles media relations, internet marketing, and public communication, preparing advertising materials and cooperating with graphic designers and printing houses.

Dariusz  Jackowski
Dariusz Jackowski   Technical Coordinator

Multi-instrumentalist, improviser, and specialist in the field of application of generative systems in music & audio programming. He collaborated with many renowned artists, musicians and composers. He performed, amongst others, in the Musica Polonica Nova, the ISMC World Music Days, and the Avant Art festivals.

He is the originator of various types of innovative projects combining music and modern technologies.

He works at CeTA in Wrocław, where he continues his research, collaborates with artists, carries out sound synthesis workshops, and conducts improvisational orchestras.