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    Punto y Raya and CeTA have joined forces to produce the seventh edition of the benchmark event for Abstract Art in Motion.
    Based in Barcelona, MAD is a non-profit association devoted to cultural engineering through the development of projects involving Art, Science and Technology.
    Based in Wroclaw, Poland, CeTA (Audiovisual Technology Center) is an innovative cultural facility working in the field of new visual technologies, primarily for use in cinematography.


    It is a pleasure to announce that the seventh edition of Punto y Raya Festival will take place from October 25th-28th 2018 in Wroclaw (Poland), university city whose history dates back over thousand years, and its extensive heritage combines almost all religions and cultures of Europe.

    On this occasion, we will be hosted and coproduced by CeTA (Audiovisual Technology Center), heir of the exquisite legacy of the Wrocław Feature Film Studio (1954-2011), and based right next to the historic architectural complex Centennial Hall. Complementary activities will be held at the Four Domes Pavilion (Museum of Contemporary Art), which, together with the Centennial Hall, are listed in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage list.

    Looking forward to having you all there for four intensive and wonderful days of pure Abstract Art in Motion.

    Punto y Raya Festival 2018




    DEADLINE: JULY 30th 2018.

    This call for entries is open to short films made ENTIRELY with ABSTRACT (non-representational) IMAGERY. Only Dots & Lines as ends in themselves!

    We invite authors to focus on the expressiveness of Audiovisual Art in its purest state: Form, Colour, Motion, Sound.

    Participation is FREE and the submissions are made through our website. You just need to REGISTER and in your User Account you will find the FORMS to submit FILMS and create ARTIST PROFILES.


    · The films must be made ENTIRELY with ABSTRACT IMAGERY, avoiding representation.

    · You can use any technique you want: drawing, video composition, cgi, scratch, op·art, stop·motion, camera·less...

    · The Soundtrack cannot feature any words, in any language. If you're using a song, this must be instrumental or feature non·narrative voices [that is, no lyrics!].

    · Maximum running time is 8 minutes.

    · We request authors to enter their film/s in FULL HD / 1080p (1920 x 1080 /  progressive scan), as we'll screen all the selected works in that resolution.

    · Our preferred formats are .MOV | .MP4. We kindly request not to compress the videos, or if needed, use Apple ProRes, H264 or x264 (lossless) codecs.


    All people in the world are eligible to participate in this festival, whatever their age and formation. There is no entry fee


    · The intrinsic relationship between the Visual and the Sound tracks, and the quality and depth of the exploration of such relationship (40%).

    · The pictorial expressivity of the visuals, in its use of colour/B&W, form and movement (20%).

    · The work and exploration in the soundtrack composition (20%).

    · The concept’s originality; how far and deep does the author take it, independently of whether s/he is exploring pure conceptual form, aesthetical expression and/or narrative (20%).


    · Each author can submit as many works as s/he pleases, but only up to three works per author may be selected.

    · Submitting your work does not guarantee exhibition at Punto y Raya Festival. The programming of the Competition will be determined by the festival selection committee, and all applicants will be notified of their final decision by email.

    · Stills of the selected works and the texts entered during the submission process will be published in our information sheets, website and PyRTV online Catalogue. Accordingly, entrants are respectfully requested to prepare graphics and texts meticulously, and to submit the stills and avatars in high resolution.

    · Seeking to build the most comprehensive Resource Centre in the genre, MAD reserves the right to publish submitted information and images of some of the non-selected works as part of the PYRTV Catalogue.

    · The organisation will also devise teasers for TV and internet broadcasting, featuring excerpts from some of the selected films. These trailers are strictly to promote the event.


    · Our international jury will award three Prizes, and might also give one Honourable Mention at their own discretion. Their verdict is final.

    · There will also be an Audience Award.

    · This year’s prizes and awards will be posted on our website as soon as we reach an agreement with the sponsors and collaborators.


    By participating in this call, the author conveys the non-exclusive rights to screen his/her material at the Festival.

    The organisers of Punto y Raya Festival desire to make the results of the competition accessible to as large an audience as possible. To achieve this we are consolidating an international exhibition platform, encompassing over 50 cities.
    A compilation featuring the finalist and awarded films under the title "The Best of PyR 2018" will be screened at some of these venues. The creators will be contacted in due time to agree the proper fees.


    Submitting your film/s to this call entails the acceptance of these terms and conditions, as well as the interpretation and decisions of the festival selection committee and jury. Any issues unforeseen in these rules will be sorted out by the festival organisers.

    By taking part in our call, participants confirm being the owners of any license, copyrights and image/sound rights. MAD and all other institutions involved decline all legal responsibility for the films and their content.




    CeTA  Centrum Technologii Audiowizualny

    CeTA (Audiovisual Technology Center), is an innovative cultural facility working in the field of new visual technologies, primarily for use in cinematography. The Studio was funded by the Polish Ministry of Culture & National Heritage and Polish Film Institute, and it's the heir of the exquisite legacy of the Wrocław Feature Film Studio (1954-2011). The building is located next to the Four Domes Pavilion (Museum of Contemporary Art) and the historic architectural complex Centennial Hall, both listed in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage list.

    CeTA houses sound stages, chemical labs, scenography workshops, actors’ dressing-rooms, props and costumes. Around 500 films were made in the Wrocław studio, many of which took a permanent place in the history of Polish cinema. 

    Zbyszek Cybulski Studio A
    Zbyszek Cybulski Studio A
    With 250 seats (accommodating +350 standing spectators), here we'll be hosting our Competition & Guest Screenings, as well as the live PyRformances.
    Sala Kinowa
    Sala Kinowa
    This gorgeous screening room will be the home to our Academy Programme.
    This room has a special place in history: here, eminent Polish directors like Wojciech Jerzy Has, Stanisław Lenartowicz and Sylwester Chęciński sat to watch the first versions of their films.
    Studio B
    Studio B
    This top-notch film studio, equipped with a 330 sq m greenbox studio, bluebox studio with system motion control, a sound studio, computer labs and much more, will lend us its auditorium for the Junior screenings & activities in the mornings of the festival.
    Ana Santos
    Ana Santos   Direction & Production

    BA in Graphic Design and Photography. She works as a freelance art director and web designer.

    Founder member of MAD.

    Nel Palazzo
    Nel Palazzo   Direction & Production

    Screenwriter and researcher. She occasionally delves into making experimental videos and animations, and lectures and writes essays as a film critic. A couple of her short films have been awarded internationally.

    Since 2008 she's been a member of the iotaCenter's Advisory Council (Los Angeles, CA) and coordinator of the Spanish speaking community at the Visual Music Village.

    She acts as a juror for various international film & animation festivals, and curates special programmes of avantgarde animation.

    Monika Łuszpak-Skiba
    Monika Łuszpak-Skiba   Head of Production & Local Communication

    With a background in Fine Arts, Monika has a BA in Cultural Studies from the University of Wroclaw, Poland.

    She worked in project development, cultural management, and marketing for various multinational companies. Since 2016, Monika is the project coordinator of the educational department at CeTA (Audiovisual Technology Center) in Wroclaw, organising courses and workshops, and implementing training programmes for professionals in new media and the film industry. She occasionally lectures and contributes papers on various art subjects.