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6th Festival Edition

Punto y Raya Festival arrives in Poland! The sixth edition of "the most abstract festival in the world" took place from October 25th-28th 2018 in Wroclaw, offering its traditional meeting point for artists and lovers of the best Abstract Art in Motion.

On this occasion, we were hosted and coproduced by CeTA (Audiovisual Technology Center), heir of the exquisite legacy of the Wrocław Feature Film Studio (1954-2011), and an innovative production and post-production centre. Complementary installations and workshops for all audiences were held at the Four Domes Pavilion (Museum of Contemporary Art), and Barbara, right at the heart of the city.

We celebrated four intensive and wonderful days of pure Form, Colour, Motion and Sound hosted by this lovely city, whose history dates back over thousand years and has been dubbed Best European Destination in 2018.

Punto y Raya Festival 2018

Ministerstwa Kultury i Dziedzictwa NarodowegoGeneralitat de CatalunyaFour Domes PavilionStrefa Kultury Wrocław

AnimatoriotaCenterJapan FoundationOKIS

Academy of Fine Arts and Design WroclawPolish-Japanese Academy
of Information TechnologySchool of Art, Design and Media, NTUSchool of Creative Media at City University Hong KongCCollege of Music (University of North Texas)

Wrocław Contemporary TheatreMiejska Biblioteka Publiczna we WrocławiuMPK WrocławFood Think TankOskar Zieta

Österreichisches Kulturforum Warschau and Marcin Giżycki, without whom, none of this would have been possible.