Luca Volpe-Prignano Sueiro
Luca Volpe-Prignano Sueiro


Luca is a very creative child; he likes handicrafts and painting, and is very good at drawing.
He arrived in Spain at eleven months, and since then, we've been living in Asturias, where he'll attend fifth grade at the Montevil public school in Gijón.
A year ago he started experimenting with the photographic camera, and is very enthusiastic about the festival's criteria regarding non-representational imagery. At home there's a natural inclination towards the arts: his grandpa was an architect and sculptor; his uncle, a photographer; his godfather, a stage man. His mother is a journalist and has been the editor of for many years.

Lives in Gijón, Spain.
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Colors 2
23/06/2012 · Gijón, España
Category MEDIUM

Taken in daylight.