Mia Woodworth
Mia Woodworth

2001 · Canada

Mia is a budding photographer from Canada who has been travelling in Spain with her family since the middle of July. She enjoys soccer and basketball, playing the piano and listening to music.
Her favorite thing about Barcelona has been meeting new friends at the Gracia District children's day camp.
She adores her pet dog Cookie, who is part Boston Terrier and part Japanese Chin.

Lives in Kelowna·BC, Canada.

Magic Dots

20/09/2012 · Barcelona, España
Category MAXI

I zoomed in on the spray that was coming from the Montjuic magic fountain show that is on most nights. It was taken at approximately ten PM at night.
I chose this picture because even though it is round circles it just feels so alive to me. Maybe it is because even though the viewer can't tell, it is actually water, which is all about life.