Diego Akel
Peter Rudenko
0'48'' cgi drawing b&w
2014 | Fortaleza, Brazil
Punto y Raya Festival 2016

A mobile experiment. This film was made entirely on an Apple iPad, from the drawing and animation through the editing and final montage. Films can now be made "on the way", whilst travelling, in waiting rooms, cafés... everywhere. It gives the animator freedom from the studio constrains.

The idea is then not to make a polished, fully planned film in "perfect" studio conditions, but to create an improvised piece instead, like drawing carelessly on a sketchbook on the street.

The artist gets this same freedom and spontaneity, and we can understand this animation as a way of searching for something instead of conveying a finished form, always associated with the medium itself.

The music, a Creative Commons piece made by Russian pianist Peter Rudenko, is short, precise and strong, all at the same time. Its elegance comes from the precise tempos and rhythm, which fit perfectly with the nature of the animation.

The images, however, were made independently of the soundtrack (altough the author had it in mind), and the real "marriage" was made later, during the editing process, when both were brought together. There, nice and unexpected relations arose and developed, setting the film's personality.

Diego Akel
Diego Akel _Akel
> Director

1983 | Manaus, Brazil

Since 2002 Diego Akel has been working in illustration, fine arts, photography and animation, bringing together all these approaches together. His work is a reference in contemporary experimental animation, featuring in websites like Colossal, Mixed Grill, Matti Mattila, UFunk and Cartoon Brew, and was named in specialized Brazilian film magazines such as Filme Cultura.

Diego currently researches animation as a spontaneous form of artistic creation, using mobile devices.

Lives in Fortaleza, Brazil.   +info

Peter Rudenko
Peter Rudenko
> Soundtrack Composer


Pianist and composer.

iOS developer, he also worked as a C++ Developer at the company Elarbis.

Lives in Izhevsk, Russia.   +info