Rebecca Ng
1'06'' · video comp. · stop·motion · drawing · b&w
2015 | Montréal·QC, Canada
Punto y Raya Festival 2016

This was an exercise in one of my classes at Concordia. Everyone participated in creating the frames, with either paint and paper or with lights and DSLR cameras.

Each student was required to draw from the pool of shared visual resources, and was responsible for assembling their own soundtrack.

It was interesting to see how different the films were from one another even though they shared the same image sources.

Here is mine.

Most of the soundtrack was assembled with recordings of water moving or being manipulated. I was interested in exploring how something as small and fragile as a single bubble could develop into an overwhelming force of movement and pressure.

Rebecca Ng
Rebecca Ng

Welland·ON, Canada

Animation student studying at Concordia University, Montréal.

Lives in Ottawa·ON, Canada.   +info