Marc St. Aubin
2'56'' · video comp. · colour
2001 | London, UK
Punto y Raya Festival 2009


The London underground is powered by miles and miles of electrical cable and rail. All for the rapid transport of millions of people. As I rode along, I imagined myself as an electron racing my way to what ever destination. I turned my line of sight perpendicular so to imagine being on the actual journey, through the cables and on the Rails. To feel the distance and the material.

Marc St. Aubin
Marc St. Aubin

1959 | Fredericton·NB, Canada

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Born in Canada, lived in London (England) for twenty years as a professional musician, working with bands The Rhythm Slaves and Theatre Kathartic, recording and touring throughout Europe.
Now living in Toronto and working as a multi-media artist exhibiting photography, painting and performing live music with film as well as working as editor and production for other artists. Co-producing ScareCity (Hamburg Film Fest), About Vincent (straight 8 @ the Cannes Film Festival) as well as other projects for local film festivals and venues.

Lives in Toronto·ON, Canada.   +info