Warren Stringer
6'03'' · cgi · colour
2009 | San Francisco·CA, USA
Punto y Raya Festival 2009


We are what is hidden within. Some templates, from the mid 80's, for a study on sorting information through a tetrahedral lattice were recreated to generate a study of inner and outer. Specifically created for Punto y Raya, and rendered with a visual music synth using cellular automata and sliding bit planes. The soundtrack was generated by harmonized acoustic feedback. World premier.

The music was rendered in 1980 on Ampex tape during a fateful year when whale oil was replaced with another lubricant that in several years turns to gum.

So in 1994, the master was heated up to 120˚ Fahrenheit and transferred to DAT tape, while a pile of ferrite collected to remind of what will never be again. Meanwhile, in 2009, both DAT machines had died. So I performed an autopsy and a mechanical séance to yield up bits from the beyond grave.

Warren Stringer
Warren Stringer

1957 | USA

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Warren Stringer is a generalist, who from the age of 10 onwards has been performing original music, visuals, and code.

Lives in San Francisco·CA, USA.   +info