Kenichi Yoneda
2'38'' · drawing · colour
2013 | Japan
Punto y Raya Academy 2015


"The video set's abstract nature is a departure from some of his more concrete digital generations—such as Auto Portraits, a series of faces generated from Flickr combined pictures, and his real-time 3D charcoal drawing of Thom Yorke's head—but they still retain a feeling of structure that suits the atmosphere of the background music.

The videos react to the latest sound sculptures from Sawako, a Japanese electronic artist working within experimental ambient music. 'The sound has been keeping me up a little late ever since Sawako shared the tracks with me', Kynd wrote on his site in response to Sawako's latest effort, The fruits of Kynd's passion are these responsive watercolor animations, that ebb and flow along with the soundscapes behind them."

Source: The creators project

Kenichi Yoneda
Kenichi Yoneda _kynd

Tokyo, Japan

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Designer/Creative coder. Plays around with pigment and color with code.

Lives in San Francisco·CA, USA.   +info