square.record.play (Kazimir, El)

square.record.play (Kazimir, El)
Anna Gold
4'57'' drawing colour
2012 | Germany
Punto y Raya Academy 2015

Kazimir Malevich and El Lissitzky - body, space ... and we in between.

The philosophy behind the first abstract paintings.


Geometric shapes come to life and develop their own dynamics.

Music and shape influence each other, creating rhythm and movement. The author chose "The Black Square" by Kazimir Malevich and "Proun 5A" by El Lissitzky as the starting point for both animated films. Based on the philosophies of these two artists, Gold developed an "intuitive storyboard", focused more on emotion than on concrete images. The resulting animated films transfer these two artists' ideas from the canvas onto film.

The music was developed by Gold in parallel with the image. Music and image have always influenced each other. In Kazimir, she used a partially finished track by Klangachse, and added her own sounds.

Anna Gold
Anna Gold


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Media artist and motion designer focused on motion graphics, animation and digital art.

Lives in Cologne, Germany.   +info