Strings Flow

Strings Flow
Juanjo Fernández
5'10'' · cgi · colour
2009 | Spain
Punto y Raya Academy 2015


Created with a custom patch in Quartz Composer. I used "string theory" ( as a starting point, plus some FX: scanline + pixelate.

Recorded on the fly with Screenflow.

The song is tited Noon.

Juanjo Fernández
Juanjo Fernández _Gnomalab

1974 | Terrassa, Spain

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Juanjo Fernández Rivero is a creator, who conscientiously searches for the right channels for his contents; accurate vehicles for the discourse impregnating his work; if we take a quick look at his career, we can appreciate the strength of the formal aspect in formats such as video, which might mislead us to the point of stating that Rivero is a formal artist. The “how” is important to him, but the “what” is crucial. This misconception may arise from his constant formal experimentation.

Lives in Terrassa, Spain.   +info