Thomas Renoldner
4'21'' drawing colour
1992 | Austria
RVM · PyR Festival 2014

Bunt is related to the birth of Renoldner's first daughter Laura. It tries to illustrate the development of a child as she slowly expands her perception of the world, starting from simple, abstract shapes and colors, developing into more complex systems of symbols.

Thomas Renoldner
Thomas Renoldner

1960 | Linz, Austria

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From 1979 to 1983, Thomas studies Educational Theory and Psychology, followed by further studies at the Academy of Applied Arts in Vienna, obtaining his diploma with Rhythm 94 in 1994. Since 1976, he's been working on experimental film, music and painting, and since 1988, he also started working on film animation.

He is the co-curator of the “Animation Avantgarde” programmes at the Vienna Independent Shorts Filmfestival since 2009. He is the artistic director of the One day Animation Festival in Vienna since 2005, and has devised numerous Austrian programmes for international festivals such as: Hiroshima, Zagreb, Cinanima, Anifest (CZ) and Balkanima, among others.

He has participated in the selection committees and juries at many international animation film festivals.

International Board Member of ASIFA.

Lives in Vienna, Austria.   +info