Kazimierz Urbański
10'39'' video comp. drawing colour
1981 | Poznan, Poland
RVM · PyR Festival 2014


An erotic film, the lecherous struggle of matter. A play of similarities and contrasts of forms. A constant play of sound and form, sharpness and fading, aggressive whiteness and stillness.

Techniques: light-graphics, cut-out, a condom filled with water or air.

Made during the times of the “Solidarity” movement (in 1981), the film was not approved for screening after martial law was declared in Poland and was not shown until 2008 when it first appeared at the Etiuda&Anima Festival in Kraków.

Kazimierz Urbański
Kazimierz Urbański

1929 | Leszno, Poland

Urbański studied stage design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow (1951-56) and film graphics at the School of Applied Arts in Prague (1955-58). He organized and conducted animated film courses at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow (1957-72), the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw (1973-82), and the School of Fine Arts (later Academy of Fine Arts) in Poznan (1979-2002).

He also taught in Zürich and Bonn and at the Film School in Lodz. In 1966 he founded the Animated Film Studio in Krakow, which he headed until 1969. He also helped to establish the TV Animated Film Studio in Poznan with which he has been collaborating since 1980.

Well known for his innovative animated films and poetic documentaries for which he has gotten many awards at international films festivals.

— Animator-festival