Romeo D'Orazio
2'40'' cgi b&w
2013 | Barcelona, Spain
RVM · PyR Festival 2014

Real-time animation created by screen capturing what happens as several control+Z & control+Y actions are applied to a drawing previously created in Autocad (live audio feed).

The result was processed, masking out the ambient image and sound at the beginning of the film, in order to take them to increasingly real values, thus facilitating the viewer's understanding of the registered work.

A long and constant inversion in the image's hue settings were applied to reinforce the feeling of the drawing's reversibility.

Registro percusivo analógico del tecleo al realizar acciones acciones de  Undo/Redo en tiempo real. 

Procesamiento con efectos muy saturados al inicio del film y reducidos hacia el final.

Romeo D'Orazio
Romeo D'Orazio _orgMiga

1977 | Caracas, Venezuela

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Romeo D'orazio, Architect, 2001, Caracas Venezuela.  Multimedia Art Designer, 2004, Roma Italy.

Founder of 110º, colectivo ETC and orgMiga.

Creative director in PaellaShowroom Art Gallery and Projects in Barcelona.

Lives in Barcelona, Spain.   +info