8 Switches (1/6)

8 Switches (1/6)
Tim Wright
3'25'' cgi b&w
2013 | York, UK
RVM · PyR Festival 2014

This is a new HD rendering of the first part of 8 Switches.

A version was originally released in 2011 on the Entr'acte label.

Tim Wright
Tim Wright

1969 | Coleraine, UK

Tim Wright is a musician, composer and video artist based in Yorkshire. He is perhaps best known as a producer of unusual electronic dance music released under his own name and the pseudonym Tube Jerk. His music has been released by some of the key labels in the field including Tresor, Mute/novamute, Sativae and GPR.

His recordings in the early 1990s as Germ for GPR are considered to have been pioneering in the then nascent IDM scene. Subsequent work was aimed squarely at the adventurous dancefloor. He has over thirty remix credits, ranging from Scorn through Cristian Vogel to Laurent Garnier and Goldfrapp. He was also a founder member of electro-voodoo-metal act SAND (Soul Jazz/Satellite Records)

Tim currently works as a sound designer and composer with Japanese choreographer Saburo Teshigawara and KARAS. His compositions for Teshigawara include the original music for Tranquil (2016) and Metamorphosis (2014), both commissions for GöteborgsOperans DansKompani, Sweden; Darkness is Hiding Back Horses (2013) for the Ballet de l'Opera de Paris, France; and compositions for installations at the Yokohama Triennale 2008, the Shanghai Zendai Museum of Modern Art and the Ikon gallery in Birmingham.

In recent years Tim has in some respects returned to his experimental roots and has been exploring generative and algorithmic approaches to audio visual composition. He received a doctorate in electroacoustic composition from the University of York in 2014.

Lives in York, UK.   +info