Petronio Bendito
5'53'' ˇ cgi ˇ colour
2013 | LafayetteˇIN, USA
RVM · PyR Festival 2014


In Breathe the viewer is confronted with a scene of a floating solid in space comprised of a choreographed moving grid of 16 expandable and contractible color blocks, each of which was assigned a color code sampled from its position within a plane of the RGB color system.

The soundtrack is based on a translation model of color code into digital sound domain, which generated a harmonious output. 

Breathe gently challenges the human visual system’s limitation in observing simultaneous moving patterns and asks the viewer to actively refocus his or her attention. As such, it functions as a visual analogy to the mental process of concentration. Its aesthetic influences can be traced to Mondrian’s neoplasticism and Brazil’s neo-concrete art movement.

The overall result is an intimate and minimalist ambient piece that favors a meditative experience.

Guigue conceived the soundtrack from the observation that the numerical RGB values selected by Bendito reproduced a harmonic structure when thinking of them as Hertz values. Thus each color has it own sound whose time evolution obeys, through several translation parameters, the bi-dimensional “circulation” of the colors in the 16-block moving grid.

Breathe features one of 8 different mixes of Guigue’s soundtrack. As all the music was produced within the Reason® software, Breathe is also considered part of Didier’s Reason Studies project.

Each work from Bendito's Color Digits series can be performed as a video, a multimedia installation, or with real-time live performer(s).

Petronio Bendito
Petronio Bendito

1971 | Itabaiana, Brazil

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Petronio A. Bendito works in a variety of media, including inter-media, performance and digital art. He has exhibited his work internationally.

His major research interests are in the areas of color aesthetics, RGB color system, motion design, interactive systems and visual literacy.

He teaches art and design at Purdue University, USA and is in the editorial board of media-N, the online journal of the New Media Caucus.

Lives in LafayetteˇIN, USA.   +info