Alfonso Pelayo
4'01'' · cgi · video comp. · colour
2013 | León, Spain
RVM · PyR Festival 2014


Visual micro-film. The visual track was created from some C++ programming classes I took, using stk libriaries (The synthesis Toolkit) and ASIHttpRequest with the hicket app.

The soundtrack was created under the alias BIFUSOR, designed and synchornised specially for this work.

The music for this micro-film for MUCRO was created by the author himself under the alias BIFUSOR, his electronic music composer persona.

On this occasion, he used Ableton live and Reaktor synthesizers.

Alfonso Pelayo
Alfonso Pelayo _MUCROVISIÓN

Santa Maria del Paramo, Spain

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Electronics and Information Systems Technician, he pursues his artistic career mainly as an electronic musician, developing various projects and alter-egos like BIFUSOR and CONECTICA505 (an electronic music project, exclusively built up from a Groovebox MC-505).

Seeking to turn electronic music into a more complete experience, under the alias MUCRO he fuses music and imagery trying to create a "whole".

Lives in León, Spain.   +info