Primary Expansion

Primary Expansion
Johan Rijpma
1'00'' video comp. colour
2012 | Utrecht, Netherlands
RVM · PyR Festival 2014


Primary colored dots are expanding into tiny complex structures as a reaction to increasing pressure.

When differ­ent colors overlap, new colors emerge that consist of two or more primary layers and therefore expand in different ways.

The process continues to produce rich structures and compositions from small imperfections and the mixing of colors until the pressure gets too high.

The visuals are created by the use of stenciled ink on white balloons to illustrate the universal process of expan­sion and contraction.

The film starts from aesthetic abstraction but eventually reveals the mechanics of the process as a twist.

The sound-design emphasizes this by starting off with abstract sounds that slowly change into the sound of breathing in and out, until the balloon explodes and the mechanics of the process is being revealed by the original sound of the popping balloon.

Johan Rijpma
Johan Rijpma

1984 | Groningen, Netherlands

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Johan Rijpma obtained his Master of Arts degree at the Utrecht School of the Arts (Faculty of Art, Media & Technology).

His films, animations, music video's and other artworks are often the result of his fascination by and exploration of the creative design process and the element of unpredictability.

Lives in Utrecht, Netherlands.   +info