Johan Rijpma
1'16'' · video comp. · stop·motion · colour
2012 | Utrecht, Netherlands
RVM · PyR Festival 2014


A piece of paper is divided by hand into an even number of pieces and then reassembled.

A photograph of this finished composition is then printed and divided again.

This makes the impossible possible, tearing the now included empty spaces that make up the tears in the paper. This feedback division process is repeated while the number of imprecise manual divisions gradually increase. Everything is created by division.

The link between the sound and image is very direct. The sound of the tearing paper is recorded through an audio feedback loop that gradually becomes more dominant. The sound frequencies are then linked to the number of divisions of the paper that exponentially increases during the film.

The sound becomes more and more intense until the process reaches it’s final limit and comes to a grinding halt.

Johan Rijpma
Johan Rijpma

1984 | Groningen, Netherlands

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Johan Rijpma obtained his Master of Arts degree at the Utrecht School of the Arts (Faculty of Art, Media & Technology).

His films, animations, music video's and other artworks are often the result of his fascination by and exploration of the creative design process and the element of unpredictability.

Lives in Utrecht, Netherlands.   +info