Ilargi eta eguzki printzak

Ilargi eta eguzki printzak
Moon and sun shafts
Zaloa Ipiņa
2'06'' · stop·motion · colour
2013 | Bilbao, Spain
RVM · PyR Festival 2014

Ilargi eta eguzki printzak is the continuation and evolution of my other films previously screened at Punto y Raya.

Ilargi eta eguzki printzak are light beams from the Moon and the Sun, which invade all of space in perpetual motion, creating coreographies, collecting colours and morphing its phantasmagorical body into various shapes.

It is a film created with lots of photographs; in this case, none of which has been post-produced.

The continuity of the film is obtained thanks to my body memory as I take each photo.

This soundtrack, created specially for the film, features jazz rhythms which accompany the light trails in their journey through empty space. As a faithful companion, sometimes they follow the rhythm quietly; at others, with much agitation.

Zaloa Ipiņa
Zaloa Ipiņa

1986 | Bilbao, Spain

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BA in Fine Arts at the UPV/EHU, where she's awarded a scholarship to carry out the VII Master on the Graphic Work at the CIEC Foundation in A Coruña.

Zaloa is a young multidisciplinary artist, working with photography, video, sculpture, lithography, and more. Her work has been featured in various personal and collective exhibitions.

Lives in Bilbao, Spain.   +info