Animación con luz

Animación con luz
Light animation
Salvador Herrera
1'08'' · video comp. · stop·motion · colour
2013 | Mexico City, Mexico
RVM · PyR Festival 2014


This is the resulting work from a five-day workshop at the Fundación Alumnos47.

This artistic piece was created collectively by all the workshop participants, in the manner of an "exquisite corpse". Each participant was responsible for the frame-by-brame animation of a particular fragment, where they had to visually represent an armonic sound generated electronically.

REALIZATION: Claudio Teijerio, Aisel Wicab, Sebastián Mariscal, Heráclito López, Diana Quintero, Jimena Shlaepfer & Anghelic García

Salvador Herrera
Salvador Herrera

1984 | Mexico City, Mexico

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A dropout from Design and Visual Communication at the National School of Fine Arts (UNAM), he's been a professor at various universities and public and private schools. A speaker, experimental workshop tutor and film director, he's also the producer and animator of numerous pieces for advertising and short films as a member of the DIEZYMEDIA collective.

He currently pursues his career as an independent artist of the moving image.

Lives in Mexico.   +info