Kathryn Marshall
2'56 · scratch · drawing · colour
2011 | New York City·NY, USA
RVM · PyR Festival 2014


Composed of over 4,200 hand-drawn and colored frames on 16mm film, the animation is an abstract interpretation of Rodrigo y Gabriela's song, "Triveni," released in 2009. Inspired by the works of early 20th century scratch-animation artists such as Norman McLaren and Harry Smith, "Triveni" was created on a single reel of film, where each frame was meticulously counted and synced to the musical composition.

Various techniques were used to create the overall sequence, including scratching, bleaching, inking, painting, dying, stamping, cutting, and drawing directly on the film to achieve a visual score akin to the music.

Kathryn Marshall
Kathryn Marshall

1991 | New York City·NY, USA

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Kathryn Marshall, a graduate of The Cooper Union School of Art, is a video, graphic and multimedia artist based in New York City and Paris. She is also comedic writer and performer, writing scripts for short films as well as being active on the New York improv-comedy scene. Other disciplines include dance, costume design, and musical composition.

Her work has been featured on Canal+ in France, Rushes Soho Shorts Film Festival in London, Vimeo's Staff Picks page, Radar Music Videos in the UK, as well as on Lookva.TV and the OneEightNine online film review. Past Exhibitions for her video, 2D, and sculptural work were installed at The 41 Cooper Gallery, New York, NY in March 2013; Le Chapon Rouge Galerie, Paris, France in April 2012; and the Maison Des Arts Contemporain (MAC) de Créteil for the "LOW TECH VS. HIGH TECH EXPO" Festival Intérnational in March 2012, Paris, France.

Lives in Briarcliff Manor·NY, USA.   +info