Impressions de la Mer

Impressions de la Mer
Impressions of the Sea
Anthony Wigglesworth
7'17'' video comp. drawing b&w
2013 | Ireland
RVM · PyR Festival 2014

This composition is inspired by impressionist music. The piece is comprised of three components. The first is the music element. This draws influence from impressionist’s composers, Debussy, Satie and Ravel.

The second element is the artwork. This is an abstract drawing created using ink on paper.

The third element is the video. This was created using the artwork as the visual material and the music as the audio element.

The final piece combines these three elements to create the audio-visual composition Impressions De La Mer.


Anthony Wigglesworth
Anthony Wigglesworth _Anthony

1979 | Ireland

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Anthony Wigglesworth is a Dublin born artist and musician. He recently received a Masters in Music and Media technologies from Trinity College Dublin.

A self-trained artist, Anthony hosts his own art exhibitions. His medium is ink on cartridge paper, rarely delving into the world of color preferring the strict lines of black and white and all the shades of grey in between. He is inspired by geometric shapes and patterns.

His work emphasis minute detail, whether it is a form from the natural world or an abstract work. His music is like his art, detailed and refined. Recently he has united his music and his art in the form of Visual Music Compositions. These animations explore the connections between his music and art.

Lives in Dublin, Ireland.   +info