Hiromi Ishii
7'04'' video comp. colour
2010 | Düren, Germany
RVM · PyR Festival 2014


The source image is a photo of fish, but through a granulation effect, only its color-hue and light&shadow values are extracted.

The cloud of dots produces various shapes and movements.

The music is based on an extracted harmonic movement of a single shakuhachi tone. Reducing, extracting and refining to create a new expression is a typical way of creation in Japanese traditional art. Music and visuals were composed in parallel by the author.

Hiromi Ishii
Hiromi Ishii

1957 | Tokyo, Japan

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Hiromi Ishii studied composition in Tokyo, electroacoustic music in Dresden, and further studied "Electroacoustic Music Composition related to Japanese traditional Music’ at the City University (London), where she was conferred her PhD.

Her pieces have been presented at festivals such as CYNETart Dresden, EMF Florida, Musique&Recherches, MusicAcoustica, Musica Viva, EMU Rome and broadcast by WDR, MDR, DLR.

In 2006 and 2013 she was an artist in residence at ZKM, Germany.

Lives in Düren, Germany.   +info