Neuronal Synchrony

Neuronal Synchrony
Jono Brandel
5'27'' · cgi · scratch · colour
2013 | San Francisco·CA, USA
RVM · PyR Festival 2014

Neuronal Synchrony is a local web application to dynamically generate animations in real-time. This video is a live recording of myself running and playing the software to music, Panoramic by Lusine.

As a result it is a single shot of my computer’s desktop. Neuronal Synchrony interfaces through the midi controller Monome 128, a device typically used for creating, sequencing, and modifying music in real time. Because of this Neuronal Synchrony works well alongside a DJ, musician, or band to accompany audio like the video here. When you hit a button an animation begins; when you hit three buttons, a chord of animations.

In spring of 2012 I was commissioned by GAFFTA to come up with a live set of visuals for a concert. Around this time I was also reading a book about Buddhism and Science, The Joy of Living by Mingyur Rinpoche. He describes a physical phenomenon, Neuronal Synchrony, as “a process in which neurons across widely separated areas of the brain spontaneously and instantaneously communicate with one another.” Some theorists believe this phenomenon to be the basis of consciousness.

This resonates with another concept I have been chasing in my work, Synesthesia, and as a result became the underpinning to the project.

Jono Brandel
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1986 | San Francisco·CA, USA

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Jono Brandel relies on the combination of two fundamental disciplines: graphic design and computer programming.

The results of this mixture vary in form, but usually have a screen-based component. He explores procedural aesthetics.

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