Grid Life

Grid Life
Paul Fletcher
1'23" cgi colour
2013 | Lockwood, Australia
RVM · PyR Festival 2014


A shimmering evolution and deconstruction produced as part of the research project Reconstructing the Familiar that is based on collaborative inter-disciplinary exchange and translation between music and animation by  Mark Pollard and Paul Fletcher.

Gridlife are inspired by the ideas implied in photographic images taken by Mark Pollard, which have been used as starting points for animations created by Paul Fletcher using video synthesis in Artmatic software and video editing/compositing programs.

“These animations are very much process based; improvised and planned iterative permutations, processing, filtering, additions building to greater or lesser density of textures and rhythms sometime in a manner akin to granular synthesis and sculpture of sound.” (Paul)

GRIDLIFE is intended energetic and optimistic playful extension of the grids we find ourselves walking, travelling, using for communication and media, etc. An attempt to embody a dual appreciation of the technology of nature and the organic nature within technology.

Simultaneously Mark has composed music in response to ideas or process and content implied in Paul’s animation and sound work. As Mark wrote in email correspondence summarizing the process;

“The original sounds are used as source material for the creative applying of textural, timbral and temporal modification. I've tried to create a sonic version of the visual approach and narrative impact”.( Mark)

Paul Fletcher
Paul Fletcher _owlbert

1962 | Box Hill, Australia

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A video/animation & sound artist, over the last 30 years, Paul has worked in 2 and 3d audiovisual media, linear and nonlinear timebased and installation based artforms.

His short films have been included in many international festivals including LIAF, LISF, ARS ELECTRONICA, MIAF, PUNTO Y RAYA. His animated abstract narrative film Dreamlike  was featured in Andrew Selby’s book Animation in Process  published by Lawrence and King (2008). Paul’s live audiovisual performances started with a custom made video and audio instrument the Midi-Vacuum-Cleaner  first unveiled at the Commonwealth Games Cultural Festival 2006. Over the last ten years there have been many live audiovisual concerts using different bespoke and standard computer interfaces and instruments for audiovisual, live cinema and music performances including shows at Punctum ICU, Undue Noise Summer in the Parks, Footscray Audio Visual Centre, The Engine Room, VCA School of Film and Television and others. The Railways Time Machine (2012) was a month long dual screen, 40 minute Animated site specific projection installation commissioned by the State Department of Transport and City of Greater Bendigo.

Over the Easter weekend since 2008, Paul has staged “Hidden Creatures” a large outdoor/indoor sculpture, audio and animated video installation as part of the Greater City of Bendigo's Easter Festival

His installation work has been exhibited at La Trobe Visual Art Centre, Allans Walk Artist Run Space, Ian Potter Musuem of Art. Between 1980 and 1985 he was a member of the post punk experimental music group Essendon Airport (drummer and other contributions and collaborations). Between 1982 to 1990, he produced and sold many limited edition screenprints, record covers and greeting cards. Since 2001 he has been active contributor to the Experimental Music and Video Projection Collective Undue Noise.  

Lives in Lockwood, Australia.   +info