Alpha 08

Alpha 08
Tajinder Singh Dhami
3'28'' cgi drawing cameraless colour
2008 | Bristol, UK
RVM · PyR Festival 2014


Alpha 08 explores the potential of abstract audio-visual animation to manipulate brain waves and states.

The soundtrack and visual elements oscillate at specific rates, which synchronize and manipulate the brain through a phenomena known as sympathetic resonance in to the sate of alpha, which is associated with mental relaxation.

Tajinder Singh Dhami
Tajinder Singh Dhami _Stanthers Ink

1970 | Coventry, UK

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Tajinder is a Animation Artist, and Researcher. He is a graduate of animation departments at the National Centre for Computer Animation (Bournemouth) and the Royal College of Art (London).

His works are inspired by his investigations into the processes of perception, attention and being.

His current projects include the creation of animations driven by neural emotional signals detected via Electroencephalography.

Lives in London, UK.   +info