Shuhan Teoh
3'47'' · cgi · colour
2013 | Providence·RI, USA
RVM · PyR Festival 2014

This film was created for my senior thesis at the Rhode Island School of Design. I initially started researching about mythology and stumbled upon the shape of the triangle. I was intrigued by it's symbolism for change, and decided to focus on people's common hostility to change.

Because it is tied so strongly to emotions, I wanted to express that through abstraction and music.

Shuhan Teoh
Shuhan Teoh

1991 | Singapore

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Shuhan Teoh is an aspiring 3D and effects animator born on the small island of Singapore.

After moving eight times in the first nine years of her life, she ended up in the quiet suburbs of New Jersey. In this chaotic world, Shuhan seeks comfort in music, which results in her lyrical and ethereal artistic style.

Her work captures fleeting moments of pure emotion and in doing so, she hopes to transcend the limitations of language and heal people.

Lives in Providence·RI, USA.   +info