Lines Horizontal Lines Vertical

Lines Horizontal Lines Vertical
W. S. Cheng
6'30'' · cgi · colour
2012 | Lawrence·KS, USA
RVM · PyR Festival 2014

Lines Horizontal Lines Vertical is an animated RGB color-field grid in six-channels, with each channel set in A-B-A structure and rendered in 4K resolution. 

This minimalist work aims to extend the history of Absolute Animation and tradition of Expanded Cinema.

Snoring, Sax, and Snoring.

W. S. Cheng
W. S. Cheng

1979 | Taipei, Taiwan

I am a visual artist working in the tradition of Absolute Animation and Expanded Cinema. 

I am particularly drawn to the concept of time, and finding new ways to arrange and compose audio/visual (i.e. temporal) structures.  I am also a subject in a publication titled "Direct Theory:  Experimental Motion Pictures as Major Genre 2nd edition" by Edward S. Small and Timothy W. Johnson (University of Southern Illinois Press 2013).  

Previously, I have lectured at Emporia State University, Benedictine College, and the University of Kansas.  At present, I am employed by the Kansas City Chiefs Football Club where I work in their Information Systems department.    

Lives in Lawrence·KS, USA.   +info