Thorsten Fleisch
5'20'' cgi b&w
2008 | Bonn, Germany
RVM · PyR Festival 2014


Four-dimensional quaternions (fractals) are visualized by projecting them into three-dimensional space. Instead of modeling objects of human imagination the realm of mathematics is explored.

Only the variables of one formula (x[n+1]=x[n]^p-c) were changed. It took me about a year to get an idea of the transformations and shapes which could be expressed by this formula. Almost another year was needed to render the sequences which I decided to use.

Thorsten Fleisch
Thorsten Fleisch

1972 | Koblenz, Germany

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Thorsten Fleisch made his first film experiments with his dad’s Super 8 camera when still in school. Later he studied experimental film with Prof. Peter Kubelka at the Städelschule in Frankfurt.

Thorsten Fleisch works with digital and analogue film. With materials such as the body, crystals, fire and electricity, he worked directly on 16 mm film strips. Crystals are grown on the film and 30,000 volts burn through photo paper. The results are poetic and abstract visual systems with references to catharsis, cosmos and the universe.

He created commissioned work for Gaspar Noé and Basement Jaxx among others.

His films received several awards and were shown at festivals worldwide. He is now working on his first video game called 'Teslapunk'.

Lives in Berlin, Germany.   +info