Angela Diamos
2'06'' ˇ colour
2007 | Los AngelesˇCA, USA
Punto y Raya Festival 2007

Tribute takes as its first and last frames interpretations of works of art using a conceptual framework based on palette, composition and psychological force. Starting with Georgia O’Keefe’s Black Cross, New Mexico the piece subtlety transitions to Diamos’ Oblivion from the Quartzsite Arizona series.

The original paintings are deconstructed in a complex code of bands of colours based on the prominence of each color in the originals. The sound was generated with Muse-O-Matic, an interactive music toy. Words are provided and algorithmic music is generated based on the letters of that word.

Angela  Diamos
Angela Diamos

TucsonˇAZ, USA

Visual artist using the moving image.
BFA studio art California Institute of the Arts, MFA video /digital art California State University Northridge, Professor of Animation, Woodbury University Burbank California.

Lives in Los AngelesˇCA, USA.   +info