John Osborne
2'30'' · cgi · stop·motion · colour
2007 | Edmonton·AB, Canada
Punto y Raya Festival 2007

In this film Osborne uses a rule based computer program which determines the next image based on the previous image. Each rule is associated with a colour and the author can change the rules as the pattern evolves, but he cannot control how the pattern is generated at each step.

The sequences were edited together using After Effects to fit the sound track. He chose a simple matrix of small circular dots using primary and secondary colours to illustrate the evolving patterns.

The soundtrack, created by the author, features open source sound loops.

John Osborne
John Osborne

1944 | London, UK

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John began experimenting with abstract images and film in the late sixties and later worked for two years as the principle operator at a computer animation studio in London, England. The studio’s novel hybrid analogue computer was used to make some of the first computer animated television commercials in the UK.

In 1975, John returned to Canada and began a 30-year career with a large multinational company working on Ontario, Alberta and Michigan in areas of information technology and environmental research, but continued his interest in the visual arts.

In early 2000, he returned to the computer as a creative tool and began experimenting with mathematical algorithms to generate patterns and abstract images.
He began to animate these images to music, which he often composed himself.
To compliment this activity and to explore more traditional animation themes, John began working with "After Effects", a commercial 2-D software package used for animation and special effects.

In general, John is interested in the relationship between sounds and images and exploring those through computer and video techniques.

Over the last few years he has had films shown at festivals in North America and Europe.

Lives in Edmonton·AB, Canada.   +info