Bubbles IVVVI
Stefano Giannotti
8'48'' video comp. colour
2005 | Italy | Germany | Poland
Punto y Raya Festival 2007

In the complete version, a 2’45’’ film showing the movements of some bubbles in a little pond is looped several times; the film itself, representing a sort of theme, is totally untreated and reported in its natural beauty.

The following repetitions are electronically treated according to different techniques and topics, as variations on a theme.

Every single section is synchronized to the detail with a sound plot as in an animation movie. The basic idea is to transform a by-chance landscape event into a real score, a visible scheme regulating the delicate borderline between randomness and structure.

Stefano Giannotti
Stefano Giannotti

1963 | Lucca, Italy

Composer, author, director and performer. He studied composition with Pietro Rigacci and between 1983 and 1990 he performed in several European countries with the chamber music group “Trio Chitarristico Lucchese”.
His repertoire ranges from performance, radio-art, dance and theatre to chamber music, orchestral scores and songs.
Landscape, memory, life cycles, voices of people, languages; these are some of the main themes developed in Giannotti’s work, performed widely around the globe.