Videolightwork ten

Videolightwork ten
Clemente Calvo Muņoz
1'22'' · cgi · b&w
2011 | Zaragoza, Spain
Punto y Raya Festival 2011


A rotating line becomes a dot. The film plays with this notion, linking the visual complexity to the sounds in order to generate certain synaesthetic effect.

It's about a single white line animated in Modul8. The generated images and music where then composed together, refining the synchronization.

A piece composed specially for the film using samples and sounds available in the public domain.

Clemente Calvo Muņoz
Clemente Calvo Muņoz

1964 | Zaragoza, Spain

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Since 1984, Clemente has been creating experimental videos and films as a means to integrate all kinds of disciplines, recently including land-art.

He explores the boundaries between static and still images in his Multiframe project.

He composes electronic music and sound-art pieces, and performs as a Vj under the alias of VJ Lux·e.

Lives in Zaragoza, Spain.   +info