Neón. El fuego en las ciudades

Neón. El fuego en las ciudades
Neon. The fire in the cities
Lisi Prada
3'14'' · video comp. · colour
2011 | Madrid, Spain
Punto y Raya Festival 2011
Audience Award


Although it can be first thought that these images were generated using software and custom algorithms, it’s been actually filmed in 2010 in Berlin, using three camera movements: agitation, circumvolution and tilt [adding sideway movements to the vertical ones].

Fire has brought human beings together since ancient times. In my childhood winters, fire was the center around which all my village neighbours met. There, many stories were told; secrets, tales and legends. Outside time itself, as I sat there listening, I was fascinated by those irregular shapes forming in the fire tongues, as they rose and crackled; or perhaps I’d play with a red-hot penny among the embers, which -when properly shaken- would produce incredible light strokes in the darkness. These would persist only for a brief moment in the air, but leave a far less ephemeral emotional trace within me.

This sensation of drawing in the air with embers is what I’m trying to convey in this video, searching for the lost fire among the neon lights in our hectic cities.

The song is "Perpetuum Mobile”, composed by Simon Jeffes and performed by Penguin Café Orchestra © Editions Penguin Café Limited. All rights reserved.

Lisi Prada
Lisi Prada

1956 | Villalibre de la Jurisdicción, Spain

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- Compilation of Chicho Sánchez Ferlosio’s work: a book published by Hiperión Editions (2008). A DVD I edited featuring some of his concerts, poem readings and appearances in films by Fernando Trueba, David Trueba and Jean-Louis Cosmolli (to whom I thank for their collaboration) will hopefully be released soon.
- III Electronic Art Exhibit, Villa de Móstoles [MAEM and Rey Juan Carlos University, Madrid, 2004]
— Multimedia [Actual Festival. Logroño, 2006]
— '20 years after' Photography exhibition [Villalibre, León, 2007]. Finalist in the II Photography Competition on the Subway [March 2011, Madrid]
— Screening of “Kaiser Wilhelm Gedächtniskirche“ [2008, Berlin] — 2009 MovilFilm short film Festival. [Honorable Mention from Cadena Cuatro TV, to its ‘ingenious plot and originality’].
— Videoart: Electrocuciones, Electronic Art Festival. Rina Bouwen Gallery [February 2011, Madrid]. ARTlinavalero Gallery and Off Loop Festival [May 2011, Barcelona]. Creative Insomnia Red Night at the Atelier Meta-Morphic [Junio 2011, Madrid]. “Homonajes” and “Noche Temática” collective screenings at the Ra del Rey Gallery [June 2011, Madrid]

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