In my garden

In my garden
Nicolás Juárez Latimer-Knowles
2'35'' · cgi · colour
2011 | Barcelona, Spain
Punto y Raya Festival 2011


Light makes visible what's invisible; color is a frame of mind.
Masks and more masks in After Effects.

An atmospheric work.

Nicolás Juárez Latimer-Knowles
Nicolás Juárez Latimer-Knowles _iconish

1971 | León, Spain

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Nico Juárez Latimer-Knowles, architect and audiovisual designer. He has developed several online and offline projects for public and private clients, creating and producing websites, interactive screens, CD-rom’s, videos, trailers and credits for television.

He currently works as a creative director and is a professor of the master in Motion Graphics at the Escuela BAU in Barcelona. He collaborates with the platform as a guest editor.

Lives in Barcelona, Spain.   +info