Second Atmospheric Study

Second Atmospheric Study
Mark Stephen Linnane
1'59'' cgi b&w
2010 | Dublin, Ireland
Punto y Raya Festival 2011


"Second Atmospheric Study" attempts to examine the relationship between visual and improvised musical gesture. In order to do this, the visual language of the piece is restricted to basic shapes and kinds of movement in order to reveal mappings between phenomena in both modalities.

The moving image was composed first using simple shape generators and animation in a standard video editing software. It was temporally structured according to a pre-existing piece of music, which was then discarded.
The resulting piece then became a starting point for a dialogue in which the musicians freely improvised new music in response to the image and then the piece was re-edited to take account of new temporal structures and nuances of timbre and phrasing in the music. In this way a temporal structure of some kind is mediated, and becomes mutated, by the moving image.

The soundtrack is a piece of music for clarinet, trombone, piano, percussion, and double bass. The focus is on minimal changes of timbre and articulation in a series of ‘gestures’ rather than melodic or harmonic progression. This is in keeping with the concept of revealing cross-modal mappings through improvised musical responses.

Mark Stephen Linnane
Mark Stephen Linnane

1976 | Longford, Ireland

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Mark Linnane is a video artist, creative technologist and researcher, based in Dublin, who creates systems and content for interactive music and visual performance.
His work focuses on the relationship between physical gesture, embodied cognition and perception and is realised using conventional image processing tools alongside programming in Max/MSP.

He has been awarded the IRCSET Government of Ireland Postgraduate Scholarship (2008) and is currently pursuing PhD research at Trinity College, Dublin.
Previous work includes Splitzo, a cycle of video pieces made in collaboration with the improvised music ensemble, Cortisol (2010), funded by the Arts Council; Walk Don’t Run (2008), a dance film in association with Catapult Dance Company, commissioned by Project Arts Centre and funded by the Arts Council; Art of Decision (2005-2006), feature documentary commissioned by the Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering, Trinity College, funded by the Department of Justice, Equality and Law Reform and premiered at the Darklight Film Festival, Dublin and The Weathering (2004), a concert film for Donnacha Dennehy’s music which was premiered at Lincoln Centre, New York in 2004.

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