Midnight At Loch Ness

Midnight At Loch Ness
Donald Craig
7'57'' · cgi · colour
2011 | Seattle·WA, USA
Punto y Raya Festival 2011
Honorable Mention


This was a piece I did for the sheer fun of it. I made "visual instruments" like the "Arabesque" code in Whitney's Digital Harmony and used those to add visuals to an old computer music piece of mine.

This is my first computer music from about ten years ago. I used Csound for sound synthesis and lisp for algorithmically generated scorefiles.

Donald Craig
Donald Craig

1963 | Munich, Germany

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Donald Craig has just completed his Doctorate in Music Composition at the University of Washington in Seattle·WA. He has studied with Joel Durand, Kenneth Benshoof and Richard Karpen, and most recently with Juan Pampin.
He also plays guitar and has studied with Steven Novacek. As part of his doctoral dissertation, he developed software for visual music composition.

Lives in Seattle·WA, USA.   +info