Paral·lel 16

Paral·lel 16
Parallel 16
Sales Miragall Cebolla
5'14'' · cgi · b&w
2011 | Barcelona, Spain
Punto y Raya Festival 2011

Geometric abstraction, vibration and flashing of dots and lines, creating regular parallel forms opposite irregular ones. Sensory experience.
I used Adobe After Effects, basically starting from lines, masks and traces.

I’ve always been in the search for my own sound, or various sounds; a particular sonic universe; a language with its own sets of rules and boundaries. One of those boundaries is always Melody; although I don’t like abusing it –or usually regard it as secondary - it’s something I can’t almost –or don’t want to- escape from. I seek to get away from the surface, to immerse into the consciousness; in this emotional state that rises when we’re alone with nature, far away from it all.

Sales Miragall Cebolla
Sales Miragall Cebolla

1970 | Valencia, Spain

- BA in Advertising. UPV.
- CFGS Director of audiovisuals and shows.
- A doctorate in Genre Theories and Representation. UPB. UV.
- Attended photography courses. Centre Visor.
- Member of "The Spirit of the Hive", a collective devoted to cinema viewing, studying and critique.
- Director of various artistic audiovisual pieces.
- She's currently shooting a short-film.

Lives in Barcelona, Spain.   +info