Videolightwork nine

Videolightwork nine
Clemente Calvo Muņoz
1'19'' · video comp. · colour
2011 | Zaragoza, Spain
Punto y Raya Festival 2011


Thanks to the magic of animation, "still lives" as vegetable elements and paper cuts in the shape of dots and lines, come to life as they dance to the rhythm of the drums.

A piece composed specially for this film. I combined rhythm samples available in the public domain using a software called "Soundtrack".

Clemente Calvo Muņoz
Clemente Calvo Muņoz

1964 | Zaragoza, Spain

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Since 1984, Clemente has been creating experimental videos and films as a means to integrate all kinds of disciplines, recently including land-art.

He explores the boundaries between static and still images in his Multiframe project.

He composes electronic music and sound-art pieces, and performs as a Vj under the alias of VJ Lux·e.

Lives in Zaragoza, Spain.   +info