Alejandra Bueno de Santiago
3'41'' video comp. colour
2011 | Bilbao, Spain
Punto y Raya Festival 2011

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(1a) Shut up, please!
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From a musical standpoint, "soundtrack" is understood as the music -either vocal or instrumental- composed expressly for film or video and aiming at boosting those emotions that the images cannot convey on their own.

Alejandra Bueno de Santiago
Alejandra Bueno de Santiago _Ale

1987 | Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain

Versatile Alejandra Bueno de Santiago alternates her heritages from the Happening, Bodyart and Experimental Video movements in equal amounts. She was born in 1987 in Vitoria, and studied Fine Arts at the UPV in Bilbao. Specialized in audiovisual creation, she recently binds her art to the use of new technologies and their artistic and social-action applications.
In 2010, she won first prize at the video-creation contest organized by ETB Kultura ; she was also selected to participate in various contests, like Xataka Foto, Zinebi Expres 2009 , and was awarded a scholarship for exchange students with Germany.
Her works has been shown in various collective exhibits around the Basque Country, Durango Gernika, Barakaldo, Zarautz and Bilbao Vitoria, Gijón, Palermo and Munich, among others. It’s also worth mentioning her active participation in festivals such as MEM, Arte Hormonado. She recently collaborated with companies like Ubiqa at the Ikas art 2010 art fare.
She’s currently doing her recording and editing practices at the UPV, and planning on finishing her studies in Bristol, England.

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