Morphs of Pegasus

Morphs of Pegasus
Bärbel Neubauer
(extracto) · cgi · colour
2005-09 | Munich, Germany
Punto y Raya Festival 2011

The technique is mixed: space motion painting in image and sound.

The film is a journey through planet-like worlds and fantasy objects. In this single-shot film, the spectator moves from one distant place to another in 3D space.

Bärbel Neubauer
Bärbel Neubauer

1959 | Klagenfurt, Austria

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Bärbel Neubauer was born in Austria. She studied stage design and film at the Hochschule für Angewandte Kunst in Vienna. In 1987 she moved to Munich, Germany, where she currently lives and works.

Since 1980, Bärbel Neubauer made over 40 animation and experimental films. She's been composing music and film scores since 1991, and working in various formats such as 35mm film, 70mm IMAX film, digital video for 3 monitors/screens and live performance.

Her animations from the 90’s are mostly direct-on-film abstract works, that she painted, stamped and scratched on 35mm film stock. Since 2000 she's been working on digital "motion painting in image and sound", creating -among others- "Flockenspiel I-IV" with different techniques.

In 2005, this film was awarded the "Woman's Cultural Award for Film and TV" in Carinthia/Austria. Her most recent films include "Fractal Cycles"(2010), a clear example of her work in creating nature-like digital 3D motion paintings in image and sound, and "Water Ambiences", a 3-channel HD video.

Her films were screened at numerous international Animation/Film Festivals and received international recognition. She teaches workshops and courses at various Colleges, Universities and festivals in Europe and the US. Commercial releases include "Absolut Neubauer" (as part of the Absolut Panushka Project) and "Falter Spot 7", part of the Falter Spot Series, among others.

Lives in Munich, Germany.   +info