Angels All Fire

Angels All Fire
Inga Krikciukaite
2'29'' video comp. colour
2009 | Cardiff, UK
Punto y Raya Festival 2011


The aim of this brief piece was to create a sensory experience for the audience. Green colour tones signify hope, nature and immortality. Red, yellow lights symbolize energy, passion and caution. The crucial thing was to find the balance between sound and visuals whilst also projecting a mysterious atmosphere.
This project gave me the opportunity to collaborate with musicians Alex Parsons and Matthew Tucker.

Inga Krikciukaite
Inga Krikciukaite

1982 | Klaipėda, Lithuania

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BA in Visual Design (Branding and Graphic) in Lithuania, and graduated in Design for Media at Atrium Cardiff School of Creative and Cultural Industries.

Her design work has been shortlisted in FFresh student festival 2009, 2010 and published in the "Graduate Showcase 2009" Computer Arts magazine.
She really enjoyed working as a volunteer in the busy Jelly Design company in London some design conferences such as FITC in Amsterdam and FOTB in Brighton.

She has worked on various different projects as a freelance designer over the years.

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