ParadoX 2.0

ParadoX 2.0
Bruno Costarelli
3'16'' video comp. colour
2010 | London, UK
Punto y Raya Festival 2011


"Paradox 2.0" is part of the ongoing “Paradox” project by Bruno Costarelli. He used one of the most ancient tools to visualise new ways of video making and storytelling: the “chalk line”, which now is widely used by builders to trace lines on the walls for measuring.

In the past centuries, this instrument was used by artists all over Europe to get the right ratio measurements for their frescoes and paintings on large scale walls.
The paradox here is the use of this tool as the work of art instead of as the tool to create art. It is a sort of tribute to what it has been one of the most important tools, always underestimated,always been behind the scene.

The particles create a dust that, when under tension, recall an ethereal landscape. The stress between the wires and the corresponding dust explosions endow the piece with a powerful sensation of the various elements exchanging energy.

The technique is simple: the creation of a string net covered with chalk or flour. The tension and friction between the strings make the dust explode. The author had the help of other three people to handle and pull the strings.

The soundtrack was made specially for the film.

Bruno Costarelli
Bruno Costarelli

1980 | Perugia, Italy

Bruno Costarelli was born in Perugia (Italy) in 1980. He has a degree in Economics, but always worked as a graphic designer as his passion for graffiti never faded.

After an MSc in Computer Animation at UKC in the UK (2007), he remained in London, where he started working as a motion designer for companies like Superfad and Squint Opera.

He is currently a lead designer at Immersive Ltd. producing live visuals and music videos for big bands and dj's around the globe.

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