TaMura MuraTa

TaMura MuraTa
Katsuyuki Hattori
8'00' video comp. colour
2005-07 | Tokyo, Japan
Punto y Raya Festival 2007

SIGN: In the creation of moving images, one’s job is not to write signs/words in a sequence, but to colour a wall with a sequence of lights. LIVE: Video generates live images by means of electronic signals. However, almost all moving images are the offspring of film medium. SIGNAL: Video is a signal translated into light that can be used for a dialogue, as you can reflect light on a mirror. The video dialogue creates rhythms of lights composed into scenes. NOISE: Of course, a noise is considered as a signal as well.

Katsuyuki Hattori
Katsuyuki Hattori _Goldenshit

1973 | Tokyo, Japan

Katsuyuki Hattori began using video as an art medium when he was studying at the Nippon Engineering College, Image Making Department. After graduation, he further studied video-art at San Francisco Art Institute, where he met and studied with Doug Hall, one of the pioneers of video-art.
Since his return to Japan, he has been involved in founding and organizing seminal video-art activities. His video artworks have been screened in many venues and festivals around the world.
Since 2002, the band Goldenshit has been experimenting with the various aspects and possibilities the video as a medium can offer, both recording and live performing.

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