Annapurna Kumar
0'28'' · cgi · colour
2010 | Richmond·VA, USA
Punto y Raya Festival 2011

The visuals came first. Music was created using them as a score. This is the opposite of my normal workflow.
This was also an experiment in rhythm.
the animations weren't sequenced according to a time signature or BPM; they rely on approximate, intuitive timing.
All of the visual material was created using Adobe After Effects and Adobe Illustrator.

The soundtrack is meant to be a sonic translation of what is happening visually, without worrying too heavily about perfect synchronization.
As the animation is sparse and two-dimensional, the soundtrack is also flat and minimal.

Annapurna Kumar
Annapurna Kumar

1989 | Seattle·WA, USA

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Raised by an engineer and a physicist, Annapurna Kumar was introduced to math before art. Her interest in equations, structure, and complex abstraction is evident in her animations.

Kumar often creates animation using the structure of music, which has influenced her to create work based on layered loops of simple movements and shapes. The complexity of the final piece often comes from experimenting and effecting in real time. This allows her animation process to be steered largely by chance. She is also dedicated to experimenting with materials and stylistic combinations.

Lives in USA.   +info