Forms & Shapes

Forms & Shapes
Matas Zaloga
0'21'' video comp. colour
2011 | Derby, UK
Punto y Raya Festival 2011


This short motion video was created during my first year at the University, where I study Visual Communication.
The idea is to create a brief animation based on a 15-20sec long soundtrack. Therefore, I decided to use geometric forms, lines and shapes.
I believe that the way to success is through simplicity.

I chose this soundtrack (Trentemöller - Evil Dub) because it was quite subtile and minimal. There is no beat nor other disruptive elements.

Matas Zaloga
Matas Zaloga

1990 | Šiauliai, Lithuania

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Hi, I’m Matt, ex audiovisual art student, who’s currently studying Animation at the Derby University (UK), and have major life goals.
Since my early age, I was an artistic person who imagined things a little bit different from others. As a result, from the first time I picked up a pencil, I knew that my future would be tightly related to the arts.
I started with graphic design. A bit later, I started making video clips. I would like to call myself an artist, because everything I do is closely related to art in its various expressions. I like being original and professional, expressive and self-confident.

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