The Night After I Kicked It

The Night After I Kicked It
Jane Cassidy
8'00'' cgi colour
2008 | Dublin, Ireland
Punto y Raya Festival 2011
Honorable Mention


The Night After I Kicked It is a visual music work. The music and animation were composed simultaneously to create a cohesive, tightly synchronised piece. Each element is of equal importance yet the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.
It is an abstract piece - there is no narrative, rather both elements of the composition influence each other to create the structure and movement of the work.
Within the animation the use of colour, image placement on screen and the matching of images to sounds is used to create a type of associative synaesthesia.

The piece was originally composed with 11 channels of audio for 10.1, with height surround sound.

The music was composed simultaneously, alongside with the video so that both were considered to be a singular art form.
The music is a combination of found sound, noise, sine tones and recorded instrumental parts.

Jane Cassidy
Jane Cassidy

1984 | Galway, Ireland

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In 2002 Jane Cassidy completed a degree in Music and later a Masters in Music and Media Technologies from Trinity College Dublin, Ireland.

In 2009 Jane moved to New York to work with National Geographic Television before working as a painter in a children's animation studio.

Jane has recently relocated to Dublin. Her main interests lie in the field of visual music, electro-acoustic works, live VJing and multi-channel work.

Performances include Darklight Film Festival, Seeing Sound Symposium, Sensorium Dublin, National Concert Hall Dublin, SARC Belfast, Electric Picnic and the York Spring Festival.

Lives in Dublin, Ireland.   +info