Chris White
4'58'' video comp. colour
2011 | Hereford, UK
Punto y Raya Festival 2011


The concept behind this movie is based around decaying lines and dots and the relationship between them at any given point. Texture, form and pattern become entwined and join forces to create random disorder.
The technique I have applied to this sequence consists of multi layering of lines and circles as video channels which have then been filtered and reprocessed.

Audio has been composed using 3 short 30 second recordings of birds during dawn chorus using an iPhone then time stretched using Abelton to create abstract "glitch" mimicking a bad signal or distortion.

Chris White
Chris White _Alpha Channel

1964 | Hereford, UK

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I am a graphic artist living and working in the UK. My passion for abstract non linear artforms encourages me to find and explore new ways in which I can communicate through print and screenbased medias.
I am particularly excited about how things decay and become transformed by time and the elements. As we grow we change and learn from our experience and the environment around us.
I try and document these changes and create abstract and literal interpretations of the world around me.

Lives in Hereford, UK.   +info