Arístides Job García Hernández
5'24'' · cgi · colour
2011 | Berlin, Germany
Punto y Raya Festival 2011


"Hexagrama" talks about the quality of time and how the geometrical coincidences change our perception of the musical composition.

"Hexagrama" explores the geometrical properties of sacred geometry.

"Hexagrama" was done in real-time.

Arístides Job García Hernández
Arístides Job García Hernández _LASAL

1976 | Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain

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Born in Tenerife (Spain), he's currently based in Berlin, where he works as a professional Interactivity Designer and visual artist.

From the beginning he's been working with music, dance, architecture and new technologies.

Lately he's been working as a freelance designer, a developer of various artistic projects, a teacher, and a lamp designer based on generative rules.

Lives in Berlin, Germany.   +info